I’ve often wondered, if I wrote a blog, WWLW – What Would Lori Write?  And then the perfect subject came up: A trip around the world with my family.  Yes,  that will do the trick.

You see, this is my year to take a big leap, and I am fraught with fear and excitement all at the same time over the prospect of traveling the world with my family for 5 months. But I can barely think about it today, as I’m headed to Peru and Ecuador where I will try to wrangle a dozen travelers new to a World Vision overseas trip experience.

I leave in 36 hours, but have I packed?  Um, no.  Most of my stuff is still together from my trip to India 6 weeks ago, thankfully.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve recovered from that trip.  I find myself brimming with tears at odd times throughout the day — seemingly overwhelmed with emotion.  And when I try to put my finger on it, I think it is the residual of what I saw and experienced in India.  I haven’t adequately debriefed myself from the encounter with that amazing and disruptive country.  I feel the weight of it now more than ever as I get ready for Peru and Ecuador.

Today a friend told me to be ready for the oxygen depletion in Peru, and to see a level of poverty that surprised her when she visited there.  Fresh off a trip to Africa, she thought that Peru would be a breeze, so it took her by surprise.  I take this as a piece of advice I needed — like God dropped those words from her lips to prepare me.  It’s shifting me inside, getting me ready to be swallowed up again in the pain of the world.  Thankfully, whatever I prepare for never prepares me for what I find — amazing hope and new birth and joy and remarkable resilience from people who are duking it out and making life work in ways that I could never have imagined.  God is good that way.  Seeing both sides makes me realize that God is alive and working out His goodness, although with our naked eyes and without His spiritual insight, we might miss it altogether.

So ends my first-ever blog post.  There, that wasn’t so bad.  One little leap at a time.