It’s a bird, it’s a plane.  Actually, it is a plane.  Well, a whole fleet of planes — a German airline to be exact.  Why do I know this?  We just bought our first plane tickets for our Round the World journey!

I guess we are really going.  Gulp.

Should I be concerned that I am putting my family of 4 on an airline I’ve never heard of?  Or that I had to purchase the tickets direct from Germany in Euros?  I might have checked the safety ratings of this airline first.  Who can be bothered, though, there is so much to do.

Here’s a travel tip: It’s not easy to purchase airline tickets from Germany at midnight.  I’m just sayin’, maybe it’s better to do this earlier in the evening, so that, I don’t know, you don’t fall asleep halfway through the transaction at 1:30am and beg your beloved spouse to please, please, please stay up and seal the deal.

Seems that my little visa card is very sensitive.  No way was it gonna let me just drop a cool $1600 bucks on plane tickets purchased with Euros (is that currency still valid these days?).  Even if I tried to use my now-defunct college level German to push my way through.

First we tried to make the purchase online: denied.  We tried again.  And again.  Called Condor in Germany on their toll free line.  The German agent informs me it will NEVER work unless I call my credit card company and release the restriction on my card.

1:00 am I call visa.  I request they remove the restriction.  They do.  Or so I think they do.  We try to purchase again: denied.  Back to visa, “yes, yes the restriction is removed, give it a few minutes.” A few minutes?  I don’t have a few minutes, I am propping my eyes open as it is.

I’m going down.  Bad.  It’s an attitude I don’t want my airline to have.

But I  c-a-n-n-o-t  stay awake one more minute. Curtis, who possibly never sleeps, faithfully remains and finishes the transaction. Successfully.


See, it is a bird!

I think I hurled one final comment over my shoulder as I made my way upstairs, “Just stay up and FINISH IT! We have to get that price, it will be gone tomorrow!”  Said with all the love you can imagine.  And clueless that it already was tomorrow.

So Condor it is.  A plane.  To Germany.  Purchased in Euros.  At 3:00 am.


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