The Sea of Forgetfulness

Apparently I am swimming in it.  The Sea of Forgetfulness.

Last week I took the wrong exit on the way to work.  I took a look around and thought, “where in the world am I?”  Who knew the exit before my exit could look so entirely different, as though I had entered a foreign country.  But that’s not slated for another 3 weeks.

Two days ago I told my mechanic that the “maintenance required” light was on, and another “funny light with a strange shape.”  Would this be a problem for my upcoming 15 hr round trip journey over the weekend to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary?  I was told my dip stick was dry.  Wow, I don’t just let anyone talk to me like that.  I forgot to add oil to the car.  I guess that’s important.

Yesterday I waited and waited for my carpool partner to pick me up.  When I finally couldn’t bear it anymore, I called her to find out where she was.  She answered the phone and said, “Are you coming?”  Kind of desperately.  I guess it was me who was supposed to be picking her up.  Who knew?  Not me.

Today I locked my carpool partner’s keys in her own car.  While her car was in the loading dock.  Because I needed boxes for packing.

Then I told someone I’d give them a brain dip, instead of a brain dump.  This is the second use of the word dip in two days.  Dip stick.  Brain dip.  I think they are related.

My life is one big brain dip these days.  Dip because there is a very shallow amount of available space for things like, well, work.  And remembering to pick up my carpool partner.

Have I lost my mind?  From the looks of people when I tell them about our trip…yes.  From the recent misadventures of Lori Brown….yes.

I have no ill-conceived ideas this will change until I get on the plane.  I just hope I don’t forget to get on.


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