The Itinerary (very,very draft)

Oh boy, it really is happening!  I can tell by the stress meter that is at full capacity in our house.  Gracie is packed and ready to go.  Her enthusiasm is definitely pushing me forward!

Many have asked, “where are you going?”  The ONLY thing we have so far is:

plane ticket to Frankfurt 9/8

hotel in Frankfurt 9/9

train ticket to Paris 9/10

apartment in Paris 9/10-17

That will be enough to get us started…..should we know more about our trip by now???

But the plan is generally 2 months in Europe, 2-3 weeks in Africa, 6-8 weeks in Asia.  If we can squeeze it all in (doubtful), this is what it will look like:

9/10-17:  Paris

9/17-21:  Normandy

9/22-26:  Switzerland  (Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken, Wengen where I worked 25 years ago!)

9/27-10/1: Budapest

10/1-7: Krakow, Poland  (think Schindler’s List)

10/7-15: Venice, Tuscany

10/15-25: Greece and Greek Islands

10/25-11/6:  Rome and southern Italy

11/7:  Kenya and Tanzania (safari)

11/24:  Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan (hopefully!), Beijing, Tokyo

End of Jan — home via Disneyland in L.A. (I’m not joking, good Lord I wish I was)




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