Underwear update

Success! The new underwear is in place, and has remained in place. No small feat given the miles and miles of walking we’ve covered – without shifting in “that area.” And excellent breathability as I chose nylon over cotton and my oh my the comfort! The quick-drying action!

Zack is experiencing an interesting effect. When he wears his sweatpants, and has his backpack on and buckled around the waist, it pulls his pants down. It’s possible he could actually “moon” someone in every country. But alas, this won’t actually happen because lucky for Zack, I did find underwear for him just before we left so he is not going commando for 5 months after all. So really, instead of mooning he will just bring the Rainier Valley saggin’ fashion to the European continent and beyond.

Curtis has packed 84 pair of underwear. He feels each one is important. I may begin tossing pairs out as we walk on the tarmac when we board flights. I’ve seen signs that say “no photos”, but nothing that says “no underwear throwing.”

And if I’m wrong, does it matter? If I get yelled at in a foreign language I don’t understand, does it count? I say no, it does not. So don’t be surprised if I cut Curtis’ underwear supply in half when we board the plane to Krakow, Poland this Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “Underwear update

  1. Somehow, when I saw the comment, “underwear update” followed by loriBROWNworld, I was concerned about the first thought that crossed my mind….but now that I’ve read it, and it ends with throwing underwear and being exposed in KRAKow- I am also concerned about the second thought to cross my mind.

  2. Initially when I read “underwear update” followed by loriBROWNworld- I was concerned about myself as a human because of the first thought to cross my mind…
    But then, I read it. And knowing about the underwear throwing and being exposed in KRAKow- also makes me concerned for the second thought to cross my mind.

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