My adaptable children


I love my kids. They are so adventurous!

If you ever think, "Oh I could never take a long trip with my kids. They just couldn't do it." Then you are kidding yourself. The kids do better than the grown-ups, by far.

The natural inquisitiveness of a child is infectious. Sure, they can grow tired of too many museums. Quickly. But other times they will surprise you, and want to go back to a museum a second time. Like the Louvre in Paris. When your teenager scolds you for rushing them through a museum, you know you’ve crossed a threshold.

Don’t get me wrong, their natural tendencies still exist. Zack is still a homebody and would just as soon hunker down at my friends’ house in Budapest as go to school for a day in Hungary. But, when he went to school for the day, he instantly made friends.

When he saw some of those friends again at the English-speaking church on Sunday, he was yucking it up with them. Making them laugh, and arguing about, what else, football.

Gracie is effortless in her traveling ability. She puts me to shame. She likes to visit the sites, and be out and about in the culture. Which is pretty much how she operates when she’s at home. Out and about, taking everything in. And effortlessly making friends.

When she saw her “school” friends at church, she hugged them to greet them. Her facebook friend count has increased considerably with her new Hungarian friends. Although she can’t read their posts — they are all in Hungarian!

When we decided to join our friend Bill for a day of outreach to high school students, my kids begged us not to go. It was going to be so boring.

When we arrived, we spoke to English classes, and broke into small groups for “English practice.” There my kids were, right in the mix of it. Listening, talking, laughing, getting more facebook friends.


It makes a mother’s heart grow ten-fold to see her kids so…adaptable. And so enjoyable. I always have two prayers that run through the back of my mind in a continual stream. Lord, let me enjoy my kids. And Lord, let others enjoy my kids.

To see that prayer being answered before my very eyes is beautiful.


One thought on “My adaptable children

  1. Ahh, children and the Louve in the same sentence…you are developing global thinkers, excellent. Just remember global thinkers go global…when Zac wants to move to Budapest you gotta let him go…when Gracie wants to move to Australia and marry an aborigine you gotta let her………….um Shawn said no you don’t.

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