I flushed my iphone down the toilet in Budapest

Truly. I did. I flushed my iphone down the toilet.

I should explain. When planning for this trip, I began to realize I was going to have to quit my job. And for as much as I loved my job, I loved my iphone more. It is truly the best travel companion – the virtual swiss army knife for travel needs. It emails, searches the internet, takes photos, captures notes about your travel plans, uploads video to youtube, post tweets to Twitter and manages photos on Flickr. What more could you ask for? Oh and yes, it also serves as a cell phone, even though I didn’t need that function for this trip.

So when I had to quit and turn in my iphone 4S, I knew, I just knew, knew, knew in the deepest recesses of my heart that I needed to get myself another iphone. And Curtis knew, knew, knew in the deepest recesses of his heart that I did not.

Isn’t marriage great?

And sometimes you can try to persuade, and make your case, and do all you can to convince the other person – and then you must act. Alone.

So I did. And here was my rationale: I wasn’t buying a fancy new camera or videocamera for this big trip, so that money would just go towards a camera and videocamera that was already on the iphone. Logical, right?

I hate to say I was right, but I was right. My iphone has been a very handy tool to have on the trip. Saving my bacon during the first 3 weeks and increasing the ease of travel.

So you can imagine my horror when Curtis called from the bathroom one afternoon in Budapest and said (very agitatedly), “LORI, COME IN HERE!” I dutifully did, and found him pointing in the toilet. All he said, in a very, cool tone was, “There’s a phone in the bottom of the toilet.” Like this kind of thing happens every day.

And there was my iphone, staring back at me from the bottom of the toilet. And it was still on, I could see it through the water. It was 3:54 pm.

I, was of course trying to remain calm. I gasped but did not utter a blood curdling scream outloud.

How did this happen? Oh yes, I remember. I went to use the bathroom and my phone was in my back pocket. Apparently that is not a good choice. Apparently iphones fall into the toilet like that. And then you flush them down the toilet. A full flush, a good cleaning as it were for all the little technological parts inside my iphone. And the blessed iphone is so heavy that it does not leave the bowl of the toilet, it merely sits there waiting for you to come rescue it.

So I swiftly reached into that (clean) toilet bowl and rescued my iphone. But then I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t panic and thereby show my husband how deeply committed I was to this technological device. And I couldn’t panic and say OH MY GOSH I SPENT SO MUCH MONEY ON THIS IPHONE. Because I bought it off Craigslist at a pretty good bargain. Granted, you can’t get them 2 for $1, but still.

I set it gingerly on the table with a towel underneath it. And then I literally had to run out the door – not because I was upset about the iphone. We were on our way to see the High School Musical production rehearsal for Ben’s middle school. He is starring as “Troy Bolton” and you cannot keep a star like that waiting just because of a soggy iphone. I secretly prayed during the 2 hr rehearsal that God would intervene and deliver my iphone the way he parted the Red Sea and delivered the Israelis from all that water.

When we returned from rehearsal, there was my phone, still working, flashing 6:15 at me. I smiled – but I did not touch it. I let it rest, wouldn’t you need a rest too if you were almost drown by a giant woman?

That night Ben, 13-yr old all-wise Ben, said the best way to get water out of a cell phone is to put it in a bowl of rice and let the rice soak up all the water out of the phone. I don’t know why but this seemed right to me — now I am taking advice from a 13-yr old in Budapest. So we got a big bowl, dumped rice into it, and I kept my phone submerged overnight. Of course, in the middle of the night I woke up in a panic thinking, now rice is going to get into the part where I charge my iphone. I lay there stricken.

In the morning, I nonchalantly wandered over to my bowl of rice and retrieved my iphone. It’s a miracle! The camera had dried out and worked perfectly. Yeah!!!

I did a little praise dance. And then Zack took the phone, tested a few things, and said, Mom, your speaker doesn’t work anymore. Speaker? Is that all? Oh wait, that also includes all audio which means I can’t listen to music either. But who cares? Really, who cares? I still have all the photos I haven’t downloaded for over a week!

Now a few weeks later, my iphone still works great, even without sound. This just makes things more interesting when I force my children to listen to me read Rick Steve’s auidoguide script aloud to them in the middle of a crowded street while standing in front of 16th century baroque cathedral, instead of listening to his audioguide on my iphone with their headphones.

It’s just more time for family bonding…..


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